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At Electro Beaver Design, we believe that a web presence and e-commerce should be accessible to all and our goal is to help individuals, creative types and small businesses to reach the next level, by providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed. 

Electro Beaver Design aims to streamline the process of setting up online shops by offering AI-powered tools to help with design and content creation, thus reducing time and cost, all while enhancing creativity and professionalism. In addition to helping our clients establish their own e-commerce presence, we will also assist marketing, SEO and Corporate Identity. 

Electro Beaver Design also operates its own internal product shops, including UonGeaR and the Canadian General Store. We believe the best way of convincing others of success, is to show it. 

Our co-founders, Robert Ferguson based in Halifax NS and David Adekayode based out of Zurich Switzerland, bring together a wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide the best possible technologies and services.

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